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 About HI Systems, Inc.

 HI Systems, Inc. was established in 1985. We have got over 20 years of experience serving business needs of small to mideum sized companies. Our winning formula is:

professionalism+experience+high level support =
100% customer satisfaction

 Before offering a business software solution, we take time to analyze and understand exact needs of a particular company and business. We offer wide range of services from custom software design (if required), employee training, product and technical support, and maintenance to ensure you get 100% rewarded for your money investment.

   HI Systems, Inc. - We've got solutions for all your business needs.

 Latest News

“Don’t take our word for it,” AccountMate says – Experts rank AccountMate #1 Open-Source Software in the Mid-Market

     ACCOUNTMATE is the highest rated open source code accounting software offered to the mid - market, according to AccountMate’s president and CEO, David Dierke. “But don’t take our word for this,” he said. ”Ask the experts.”   
   For mid-market companies, perhaps the most vital attribute of business and accounting software is the flexibility that only comes from open-source code. Read the whole story...


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