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Visual AccountMate (VAM)

 HI Systems is an authorized reseller of AccountMate Software's Visual AccountMate (VAM) financial information software suite, ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses. Written from the ground up in 32-bit Visual FoxPro object-oriented code, VAM can be customized quickly and easily to fit the way you like to do business. VAM is extremely user-friendly, with a short and easy learning curve specially suited to today's fast-paced environment. Available in both LAN and MS SQL platforms, HI Systems supports this award-winning business management software solution with first-class installation, customization, training and technical support.

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MKT Tools

MKT Tools is an invaluable resource for end-users and resellers of the award-winning Visual AccountMate (VAM) financial software suite. Available for both LAN and MS SQL versions of VAM, MKT Tools provide a powerful and cost-effective set of data functions and programming tools that enhance the value of this leading-edge product line.

With MKT Tools, VAM users and consultants can quickly and easily change GL segment definitions and key values, combine key values, rebuild table indexes and verify AccountMate data integrity. Programming tools enable users and consultants to compare screen forms, program files, VAM system tables and database containers; search multiple files; and generate a database container, data dictionary listing, database container object listing, and database container table/view structures listing.

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