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HI Systems has a team of 6 qualified and experienced specialists in the areas of software development, support and customer service, who are always ready to help you when there is such a need.  

Over past 20 years our staff has earned the trust of our customers. Proven expertise and track record puts our team of specialists on a higher level.  

Our specialists easily overcome challenges and solve occurring problems, making your job easier, as a customer.

The main goal of HI Systems team is customer satisfaction.

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“Don’t take our word for it,” AccountMate says – Experts rank AccountMate #1 Open-Source Software in the Mid-Market

  ACCOUNTMATE is the highest rated open source code accounting software offered to the mid - market, according to AccountMate’s president and CEO, David Dierke. “But don’t take our word for this,” he said. ”Ask the experts.”   
   For mid-market companies, perhaps the most vital attribute of business and accounting software is the flexibility that only comes from open-source code. Read the whole story...


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